Creating a gallery wall in your home

If you happen to be one of those people who can’t stand a blank wall in your home, you might consider some useful decorating tips. We can offer you the insight in the process of making your ordinary wall into a small gallery, containing all the art pieces you cherish and adore.

To be able to do that, you need two things: one, the selection of paintings, posters, reproductions, prints, keepsakes, etc.; and two, you need to read our tips on the matter.

Size matters

When you decide which wall is going to be transformed into your gallery, you need to do some measuring. There’s an unlikely chance that you can achieve to get the art pieces with equal dimensions, so you need to pay attention to the few things. Firstly, make sure you set up a harmonious order of the paintings. That means you need to pay attention to cohesion, the way the pictures are related to each other and the way they make a whole.

The best way to make a wall coherently looking is to choose a mutual motif or a theme. That way you can create a story to rely on when putting the pictures on the wall.


Cohesion is about bringing different parts to the whole, but that’s not the end of designing your gallery wall. The second step is to make a symmetrical or asymmetrical design. You can achieve that by finding one central element of the photo which will serve as the focus point. The aim of finding one element that will act as a focus for the entire gallery is to establish the balance in the structure of the pictures. When you do that, you can quickly make adjustments to the photos. On top of that, you can have both symmetrical and asymmetrical order in the same structure.


It’s great when you hang the pictures on the wall, but first, you make sure they are safely pinned. Some photos require a particular place on the wall to be safe for you and your guests. Make sure you get informed about the recommended levels for pinning the pictures.

The message

We believe that a gallery wall should have its message, whether it’s an explicit statement or not. You as the owner of the wall want to make a place that’s going to reflect your identity or worldview. Keep in mind the goal of the gallery wall – what do you want to achieve with the exact order, the choice of the paintings, the style, the colors…?

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